There is a PRS Exemptions Register for properties which are legally required to have an EPC and are let on a relevant tenancy type and cannot be improved to meet the minimum standard of EPC band E for one of the reasons set out in the regulations

Where an exemption applies, the exemption must be registered by the landlord (or an agent for the landlord) before it can be relied on; this registration is made on a self-certification basis and an exemption will apply from the point at which it is registered.

Information required for all exemptions:

  • the address of the relevant rental property
  • which exemption type the landlord is registering
  • a copy of a valid Energy Performance Certificate for the property.

Domestic exemptions:

  • Where a recommended measure is not a “relevant energy improvement” because the cost of purchasing and installing it would exceed the £3,500 cap (inc. VAT) (“high cost” exemption) (regulation 24)
  • Where all relevant improvements have been made and the property remains below an E (regulation 25 (1)(a))
  • Where the property is below EPC E and there are no relevant improvements (regulation 25(1)(b))
  • Wall insulation (regulation 24 (3))
  • Third party consent exemption (regulation 31)
  • Property devaluation exemption (regulation 32 and regulation 36(2))
  • Temporary exemption due to recently becoming a landlord (regulation 33 & regulation 36 (2))

Non-domestic exemptions:

  • Where all relevant works have been done but the property remains substandard (Regulation 29)
  • Third Party Consent exemption (Regulation 31 and Regulation 36)
  • Relevant Energy Efficiency Improvements and Special Provisions for Wall Insulation (Regulation 28(2))
  • Property devaluation exemption (Regulation 32 and Regulation 36 (2))
  • Exemption due to recently becoming a landlord (Regulation 33 & Regulation 36 (2))

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